At Marcía’s Gourmet Brownie Gallery, baking is a fine art  The artist’s palette consists of beautifully pure ingredients, passion, and inspiration, which are then applied with utmost skill and care The result is nothing short of a culinary masterpiece, one that involves all the senses, and is both heartwarmingly familiar and utterly unique

About Us

Marcia’s Gourmet Brownie Gallery was founded by Marcia Williams, who decided to combine her passion for baking and the arts into one endeavor. With a lot of help from family and friends, who were more than happy to be the taste-testers, and a background in community relations, Marcia has built a company that prides itself on quality, service, and a strong commitment to community. A portion of all profits are given to local art projects and charities so that they can continue to inspire both Marcia and the world at large zithromax online.

There are currently seven homemade, all natural, beautifully packaged pieces in the Brownie Gallery’s permanent collection, but check back often because Marcia sees inspiration wherever she looks and new flavor ideas are always on the horizon

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The Pieces in our collection were inspired by both the classical and modern eras.


Peanut Butter